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In the midst of so much uncertainty — from politics to the state of the economy, and the health of our local and national community during this historic time — one thing is clear: we need to invest in educating the next generation to become critical thinkers, problem solvers, and involved community members. Quality education, at its core, is a domain that aims to foster ethics and citizenship, helping students to not only develop strong academic skills, but also a range of social and interpersonal skills like empathy, mindfulness, responsibility, and collaboration. We truly believe Spring Street School is a place that cultivates both of these aspects of education and we think it’s worth supporting and advocating for. 

Tuition only covers about 90% of our operating costs and the annual fund is essential to helping us meet those extra costs. This year, funding for the unexpected has become even more important to our school, and your donations will help support various COVID mitigation costs, including:

  • Two 600 sq ft event tents
  • Two doc cams
  • Three additional classroom spaces
  • Three teaching assistants
  • Four new projectors
  • Four rolling whiteboards 
  • Nine AirDoctor Air Purifiers
  • 142 desks 
  • Covering the new deck so students can eat out of the rain
  • Additional lab materials so students can do labs individually

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